Leak Detection Cape Town

Do you have leaks you cannot find? Combat Plumbing are specialists in Leak Detection in Cape Town. We have many years of experience, together with the necessary skills and equipment to successfully find your leak!

Leak Detection Cape Town - Combat Plumbing
Combat Plumbing are Leak Detection Specialists in Cape Town

When do you need Leak Detection?

The main sign of needing leak detection is a major increase in your monthly water bill. You may also notice that your water meter is running while all of the taps are closed in your house. 

Another tell-tale sign of a leak is you may hear the noise of a leaking pipe in your walls. 

An undetected leak can add thousands to your water bill and also be a potential threat to your household. If you suspect a potential water leak on your property you should look into it immediately

Benefits of Leak Detection

Knowing where to dig or break through a wall or floor will save you lots of time, money and heartache! This is where the professionals come in. By using our knowledge and skills, we can successfully pinpoint any leaks that are hidden away. It is easy to see a burst pipe when water is gushing out but finding a slow leak that you can’t see can be difficult.

How do we Detect a Leak?

We use a mix of 4 leak detection techniques that allow us to accurately pinpoint a leak, no matter where it is. The methods we use at Combat Plumbing are Acoustic Leak Detection, Tracer Gas, Thermal Leak Detection and Dye Leak Detection. 

Acoustic Leak Detection

A leaking pipe makes a distinct noise that may not be able to be heard to the naked ear. Using electronic acoustics can assist in pinpointing a leaking pipe.

Leak Detection Cape Town - Acoustic
Rob of Combat Plumbing using an electronic acoustic instrument to look for possible leaks in pipes within the wall.

Tracer Gas

A gas that is less dense than Oxygen is used, typically helium. The gas in injected into a pipe and will escape through the leak in the pipe. A sensitive gas detector is then used to scan the surface above the pipe for the gas. 

Thermal Leak Detection

This method is best used when there are solid objects in the way, like a wall or floor. Thermal imaging measures the temperature of different surfaces, with water showing a blue colour. 

It is a common non-intrusive method used by many plumbers.

Leak Detection Cape Town - Tracer Gas
Combat Plumbing performing leak detection using tracer gas.

Dye Leak Detection

We use a non-toxic dye that is water soluble. The dye shows up at the exit points where water escapes. 

Leak Detection Cape Town- Dye
Using non-toxic dye to find a leak in a shower.

Leak Detection Cape Town

If you have just typed ‘Leak Detection Cape Town’, you have found the right plumber. We are Leak Detection specialists and will assist you to find your leak.

We will either; find your leak or give you peace of mind that you do not have a leak.

Contact us now to set up an appointment!

Office: 021 762 8721 (and emegencies)
Email: info@combatplumbing.co.za
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